Wednesday, March 30, 2011


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I love you
more than you ever know
everything that you do
everything that you sacrifice
cannot be describe by words

everything that I do
can't repay back your kindness to me

your touch, your words, your love
your time for me
I really love you
cannot be describe by words

thank you Allah for giving me you
the greatest gift of all
I will do my best
As what I've promise you

I love you because of Allah

my family
is my life
my future
my happiness
my everything

my best friends
is the one with me
whether i'm happy or in sadness
to guide me
all the way to heaven
thank you.

for my husband to be
if you are there, if you read this
I just want to say
I appreciate your presence
may Allah bless you
Allah is the best planner
hope we'll meet one fine day
with blessing from our family
for us to build up a family
with faith and perseverance to Allah


to everyone who knows me
whether you read this or not
I appreciate you in my life
thank you for being one

thank you Allah
for giving them to me

p/s : syukur alhamdulillah krna aku dikurniakan org yg menyayangi aku..kwn2..famly..hati terase sayu when i read this [at above] bersykur yg teramat masih lagi berpeluang utk bersama yg tersayang..semoga kasih syg kalian tidak pernah kurang..dugaan yg dtg dan pergi menduga hambaNYA yg di sayangi...sbg hambaNYA aku redha dgn dugaan MU YA ALLAH...Kau berikan aku kekuatan dan ketabahan utk menghadapi dugaan MU..supaya sentiasa mengingati MU walau apa jua keadaan..supaya aku tidak leka atau lalai dgn kegembiraan hidup di dunia..

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